Emar pharma moves into sphere of audiology with the launch of earnet hearing systems in sri lanka

Emar Pharma has revolutionized once again with the launch of the world renowned brand of hearing aids, Earnet!

Product View L to R: Izzet Alagoz, Business Development Specialist Ear-Technic, S.Prabhu, Marketing Director, Emar Pharma, Ertugrul Yuksel, Audiologist, Ear-Technic, His Excellency Tunca Ozcuhadar Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, S. Nadarajah, Director Finance & Administration, Emar Pharma and Mr S. Selladurai, Managing Director, Emar Pharma
Emar Pharma, a leader in introducing innovative healthcare products and solutions to Sri Lanka, has revolutionized the sector once again with the launch of the world- renowned brand of hearing aids, Earnet. This launch coincides with the opening of Emar’s first audiology and rehabilitative clinic in Anderson Road, Kalubowila. Earnet is most renowned brand of Eartechnic. Eartechnic was founded in Germany in 1972 and built hearing instrument manufacturing facility in Turkey in 2001. Earnet is one of the world’s leading developers in the field of audiology. Manufactured as per international standards, the wide portfolio of Earnet hearing aids offer solutions for those who experience disabling loss of hearing. Earnet’s HP+ series has been developed for profound hearing loss and is worn externally, while the smaller Micro series has been designed so that it can hide within the ear. Nano and Royal Pediatrics hearing aids have been created to introduce sound to infants and young children with hearing impairments. Addressing the issue at a very early stage is important, as it helps with cognitive development and speech. The Earnet Nano series has been developed using the new Tinnitus Frequency Isolation method (T-FIS), to aid those who complain of tinnitus.

Sanchana Chandran, Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist, Emar Pharma said, “We are delighted to partner with Earnet to introduce their superior range of hearing aids in Sri Lanka. A World Health Organization (WHO) situation review on hearing impairment in South East Asia found that as of 1998, nine percent of the Sri Lankan population suffered from disabling hearing impairments. There is clearly a need for innovative and comprehensive audiology solutions to help those effected. With our brand-new audiology and rehabilitative clinic, and quality hearing systems from Earnet, Emar is ideally positioned to cater to this need.”

Pure tone audiometry, behavioural observation audiometry, visual reinforcement audiometry, speech audiometry and tinnitus evaluation are some of the services offered at Emar Pharma’s state-of-the-art audiology and rehabilitative clinic. Patients can also get fitted for a number of styles of hearing aids, including behind the ear models, in the ear models, receivers in the canal models, or completely in the canal models. Emar Pharma’s trusted service offering means clients can enjoy periodical servicing of hearing aids, troubleshooting and repairs, batteries and accessories, as well as counselling.

Izzet Alagoz, Business Development Regional Manager, EarTechnic Hearing Instruments, speaking at the launch said, “The ethos of our research and development team is to make people’s lives easier. This is our primary focus, as we use innovative technology to develop a wide range of much sought after hearing systems that address multiple hearing impairments. Our diverse products offer solutions that cater to all age groups, including infants also in different economic levels. We are excited about partnering with Emar Pharma to enter the Sri Lankan market and we look forward to helping improve the quality of life of many who suffer from hearing impairments.”

Emar Pharma has been providing Sri Lankans with easy access to the world’s best healthcare, products, services and technology since 1987. The company’s success is founded on its people, partners and technology, resulting in it becoming a trusted leader in the country’s Healthcare industry. Over the years, Emar has held the distinction for the introduction of HIV/AIDS testing in the country in 1988, and become the leader in HLA testing, blood virus testing and diabetes screening and thalassemia. The company has built strategic partnerships with global healthcare product manufacturers, in order to provide the highest quality products and services to its customers.

Emar Pharma was most recently awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification, which ensures that the company is able to consistently provide products and services that meet customer needs through an effective quality management system. For further information on Emar Pharma visit http://emarpharma.com.

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