The Robot named Soloassist II is a specialized electronic arm that displays internal images of the body organ controlled by the operating surgeon. A joystick, similar to a video game controller, is used by the surgeon to facilitate the key hole surgery.

The entire kidney surgery is performed through half to one centimetre space with one hole to insert the robotic arm and the other three or four holes to introduce the instruments. This surgery avoids traditional open surgery where the patient is left with the a cut in the stomach.

According to AKTORmed™ Germany, inventors of Soloassist II Robotic Arm, the Arm can be used in General, Thoracic and Gynaecology surgeries apart from Urology.

Dr. Seneratne, Director of Sri Jayawardenapura General hospital, said that this Robotic Key Hole surgery will become a unique service provided to Sri Lankan patients through Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital.

Emar Pharma Pvt Ltd is the exclusive sole agent for AKTORmed™ Germany’s SOLOASSIST II in Sri Lanka. The organization pioneered in introducing this Robotic Arm for the first time in Sri Lanka and South East Asia.