Emar pharma launches groundbreaking hba1c testing apparatus in sri lanka

Emar Pharma recently introduced the world’s most modern Gold Standard HPLC-based D-100 A1C testing system from Bio-Rad USA to the local market.

Unveling : Mr. S. Selladurai – Managing Director & Mr. S. Nadarajah – Director unveiling the new D100 Hemoglobin Testing System
A leading pharmaceutical provider in Sri Lanka, Emar Pharma (Pvt) Ltd recently introduced the world’s most modern Gold Standard HPLC-based D-100 A1C testing system from Bio-Rad USA to the local market. The launch event held at Hilton Colombo Residencies was attended by a highly esteemed gathering of experts in both diabetes and thalassemia.

This marks a milestone in Sri Lanka’s healthcare industry as the fastest HbA1c testing system in the country. The fully automated D-100 System is FDA and CE approved, and certified by NGSP and IFCC. Using cutting edge technology for diabetes screening, the Bio-Rad D-100 system offers a throughput of 80 tests per hour and reporting within 45 seconds, with variant hemoglobin detection using a unique Hb Advisor Software.

At the event, Head of the Department of Laboratory Services at BLK Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi Dr Anil Handoo expanded on the diagnosis and screening of thalassemia and hemoglobinopathies, augmenting his address with case studies and initiatives available in other countries to give a more comprehensive view of thalassemia and hemogobinopathies diagnosis and its management. Diabetes and thalassemia are major problems around the world, with one in ten people from the global population being affected. The phenomenon is also fast growing, with affected patients developing complications, which adds a significant burden to the healthcare system. Therefore, it is vital to address the root cause of the problem rather than to wait for the issue to exacerbate.

Conferred with the ISO 9001:2005 certification, a rare distinction among pharmaceutical companies in Sri Lanka, Emar Pharma’s over three-decade history has revolved on the foundation of people, partners and technology. The launch of Bio-Rad D-100 and the unique Hb Advisor Software is yet another milestone achieved by Emar Pharma that reiterates the company’s commitment to bring cutting-edge, world-class technology in healthcare products and services to Sri Lanka.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, of the 425 million people in the world with diabetes, 82 million are from the Southeast Asian region, a number that will almost double by 2045. Sri Lanka accounts for 8.6%, where from a total adult population of nearly 14 million, close to 1.2 million are diagnosed with diabetes. With the cutting-edge technology that is present in the D-100 A1C testing system from Bio-Rad USA, Emar Pharma seeks to alleviate and mitigate the effects of such a widespread healthcare crisis in Sri Lanka.

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